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ZINSSER are a brand that provide innovative and incredibly useful products to the decorating and DIY trades, which help to ensure that any decorating job becomes a straightforward process from start to finish.

Founded in 1849, the company has been considered to be at the cutting edge of the decorating product market by developing a range of primers, wall coatings, paints and treatments, as well as tools that help with the hanging and removal of wallpaper.

The company’s history incorporates some impressive inventions including the first mould and mildew proof paint and also the important development of the water based universal primer. ZINSSER primers are considered by professional decorators to be among the best currently available, with the company’s product development team at the forefront of modern day primer and mould resistant paint research.

When it comes to removing wall coverings and wallpaper, ZINSSER has been at the cutting edge in this area too, with tools and applications to make the decorator's job easier.

The ZINSSER range of wallpaper stripping tools and accessories include the uniquely designed wallpaper strippers, which should be an essential part of any decorator’s tool kit, due to their ease of use and incredible performance.