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BizWeld Mens Flame Resistant Overall

55 types from £49.95

in stock

BizWeld Mens Flame Resistant Trousers

29 types from £28.95

in stock

BizWeld Mens Iona Flame Resistant Coverall

44 types from £55.95


BizWeld Mens Flame Resistant Jacket

22 types £30.95


BizWeld Flame Resistant Cargo Pants

16 types £34.95


BizWeld Iona Trousers

12 types £30.95


BizWeld Iona Bib and Brace

6 types £45.95


BizWeld Sleeves



BizWeld Cape Hood



BizWeld Iona Heat Resistant Jacket

12 types £40.95


BizWeld Workwear

Bizweld Part of the Portwest group, the BizWeld range of flame resistant workwear provides specialist clothing and PPE solutions for use in hazardous environments.

BizWeld fabric is a proprietary, flame resistant material which was developed to be comfortable and durable. The garments and accessories in the range have been specially designed to guarantee comfort, performance and safety whilst providing effective function at all times. All products in the BizWeld Workwear range have been rigorously tested to ensure compliance with the latest international standards.

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