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ARS Garden Tools Top Picks

ARS CAM PRO Professional Pruning Saw

2 types from £32.95

in stock

ARS 160 Long Reach Cut and Hold Pruner

4 types from £52.95

in stock

ARS 380 Craft Scissors


in stock

ARS 180 Long Reach Razor Edge Pruner

2 types from £63.95

in stock

ARS CAM Pruning Saw

2 types from £23.95

in stock

ARS EXP Telescopic Pole for Pole Saw Heads

3 types from £131.95

in stock

ARS LPB-30 Professional Bypass Loppers

2 types from £55.95

in stock

ARS 140DX Snip Secateurs

6 types £22.95

in stock

ARS Garden Tools

ARS Established in 1876, Sakai’s ARS corporation manufactures cutting tools which are highly regarded for their quality and performance. Much of their product line up is still manufactured in their Japanese factory, and includes several patented blade designs notable for their exceptionally clean cuts. With multiple configurations and sizes available to provide optimum performance according to individual requirements, ARS Tools are also manufactured using processes such as chrome plating and impulse hardening to ensure they deliver a long service life. An extensive selection of spares & accessories additionally enables the user to easily replace damaged or worn out parts as required.

About The Products

Most of the product range is designed for outdoor applications and ARS Hedge Shears and ARS Secateurs are particularly renowned amongst professional and amateur gardeners, along with the perennially popular ARS 300 Series of fruit pruners. ARS Folding Saws are popular with outdoors enthusiasts as well as gardeners, and a small selection of ARS Tools are manufactured for craft and general household use, alongside heavy duty cutters for industrial applications.

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