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DeWalt Extreme 2 SDS Plus Masonry Drill Bit

107 types from £2.49

in stock

DeWalt Construction Circular Saw Blade

32 types from £9.95

in stock

DeWalt Extreme 2 Metal Drill Bit

29 types from £1.95

in stock

DeWalt DCS331 18v XR Cordless Jigsaw

2 types from £129.95

in stock

DeWalt Titanium Waterproof Safety Boots

14 types £83.95

in stock

DeWalt Multi Material Drill Bit

18 types from £1.95

in stock

DeWalt Extreme Runtime Circular Saw Blade

14 types from £19.95

in stock

DeWalt Tools

DeWalt DeWalt Tools probably don't need much of an introduction to the majority of workers in construction and industry - DeWalt are a huge force in the professional power tool market, and their innovative, reliable and dependable products have inspired a dedicated user base within the sector.

DeWalt was founded in America in the 1920s by Raymond DeWalt, the inventor of the radial arm saw. The company was bought by Black & Decker in 1960 and in 1992 they decided to start marketing all their industrial power tools under this name. The acquisition of legendary German brand Elu a few years later allowed DeWalt to take over production of some of the most successful router designs of the twentieth century, and as the brand grew they added new and innovative machines to their product line up. This commitment to innovation continues to this day, and DeWalt Tools have become well known for technologies like the Flexvolt cordless platform, the first dual voltage professional power tool battery system.

About The Products

DeWalt Cordless Tools are available on three battery platforms. DeWalt 12v XR Cordless Tools are the smallest and lightest, making them ideal for lighter duty jobs and working in tight spaces. DeWalt 18v XR Cordless Tools constitute the largest platform, and the range is continually expanding with new additions. DeWalt 54v Flexvolt Cordless Tools are a recent addition which are capable of tackling heavy duty workloads, a unique advantage being that their powerful batteries can also be used in tools from the 18v range. Corded electric DeWalt Tools are manufactured in 240v as well as 110v options.

DeWalt Garden Tools are typically cordless and share battery compatibility with the rest of the range, meaning that you can now power a huge variety of tools from one battery.

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