Plunge Saws

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Makita SP6000J1 Plunge Saw


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DeWalt DWS520K Plunge Saw 165mm

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Plunge Saws

Plunge Saws Information

A plunge saw is very similar to a standard circular saw except it has a spring loaded blade which must be plunged to the required depth by the operator (by pressing down on the handle) before it can engage the workpiece. They are invariably used with a guide rail system and are renowned for clean, accurate, straight cuts. Multiple guide rails can be connected together to form any length you require, making plunge saws one of the best options available for cutting large and unwieldy materials.

Plunge Saw Safety:

The dust from many of the sheet goods and woods commonly cut by plunge saws can be harmful and it is recommended to use the dust extraction facility on your saw wherever possible. Plunge saws can be quite loud machines and hearing protection is recommended along with eye and respiratory protection.

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