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Wolf Garten Multi Change Wooden Handle

3 types from £18.95

in stock

Wolf Garten Multi Change Telescopic Handle

3 types from £25.95

in stock

Wolf Garten Multi Change Aluminium Handle

2 types from £12.95

in stock

Wolf Garten Mini Handle


in stock

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Garden Hand Tools Information

In our Garden Hand Tools section you will find a wide range of tools to help you tackle your outdoor jobs, from gardening essentials like spades and forks to forestry and firewood tools like axes and splitting wedges. We stock garden hand tools from brands including Gardena, Fiskars, Bahco, Spear & Jackson, Wolf Garten, Kent & Stowe, Draper and many more. If you are looking for pruning tools like secateurs or bow saws please note these can be found in the Loppers, Pruners & Saws section of our website.

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