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Spades Information

A Spade has a narrow bottom edge which enables it to be used to cut into turf and relatively hard ground as well as for digging and transporting soil (as opposed to a shovel which is built only for digging and carrying soil or other loose materials). Using a spade can be exhausting so it is important to try and find one that is best suited to your height and physical strength. If a spade is too short it will be uncomfortable to use, while if it is too large it will wear you out faster. The lightest handles are typically made from fibreglass and composite materials, while stainless steel blades provides a lighter (but less damage-resistant) alternative to heavier metals like solid forged steel.

Here's our Quick Application Guide:

• Digging Spades - a digging spade is a standard garden spade which is ideal for preparing large areas of soil. However, as they are the largest common type of garden spade they are not the best choice for every gardener.
• Border Spades - there is not much difference between a border spade and a digging spade, except the border spade has a shorter handle and smaller blade. As well as being easier to use in smaller workspaces, they are often preferred by many female gardeners.
• Irish Spades - the soil in Ireland tends to be harder to dig than in the United kingdom; therefore the traditional Irish spade has a narrower blade and a long handle, enabling the operator to exert more force and leverage than with a standard digging spade.

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