Oscillating Multi Tools

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Makita TM3000C Oscillating Multi Tool

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Makita TM3010CK Oscillating Multi Tool

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Makita TM30D 12v Max CXT Cordless Multi Tool

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Oscillating Multi Tool

Oscillating Multi Tools Information

Like rotary multi tools, the oscillating multi tool is capable of handling a variety of different tasks – the difference being that its tool holder oscillates, like a hair clipper, rather than spinning around. This lends it to different applications such as scraping, flush cutting, plunge cutting and flat sanding. Oscillating multi tools are some of the most compact and portable power tools available, and these motorized Swiss Army knives often come into their own when working in restricted workspaces and for precision applications where tools such as reciprocating saws or angle grinders would be too aggressive. They are especially useful when performing smaller plunge cuts into materials like plasterboard or decking, flush cutting pipes & nails and when working up against floors, walls and other obstructions.

Here's our application guide:

• Corded Oscillating Multi Tools - often more affordable and convenient than cordless multi tools, as long as you don't need to operate too far from a power socket.
• Cordless Oscillating Multi Tools - a versatile and portable option that is ideal for site use. Those in the lower voltage classes (10.8v & 12v) are small and compact, while the larger 18v models offer increased power, making them suitable for more demanding tasks.

Jobs that can be Undertaken with an Oscillating Multi Tool:

  • Sanding
  • Scraping
  • Cutting Wood
  • Cutting Metal
  • Cutting Plastic
  • Cutting Plasterboard
  • Cutting Fibreglass
  • Flush Cutting
  • Plunge Cutting
  • Cleaning & Polishing
  • Removing Rust
  • Removing Paint
  • Removing Caulking
  • Removing Tiles
  • Removing Grout
  • Removing Mortar

Oscillating Multi Tool Safety:

Oscillating multi tools are generally some of the safest power tools to use though suitable eye and respiratory protection should be considered depending on the application and materials being worked on.

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