Safety Eye Wear

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Sirius Safety Glasses


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Caterpillar Track Protective Safety Glasses

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Safety Eye Wear

Safety Eye Wear Information

Safety eye wear is one of the most essential pieces of personal protective equipment when operating power tools and working in hazardous environments. Whether you're keeping the garden trim or working in heavy industry, the right choice of safety gear can help prevent injuries and keep your eyes protected from dust, debris, liquids or vapours.

Here's Our Quick Application Guide:

• Safety Glasses - safety glasses are much like regular reading glasses except they are designed to withstand impacts from small projectiles and they wrap around the face more to offer side as well as frontal protection. They do not form a seal around the face so they don't offer 100% protection, eg from fine particles; however this also means they are comfortable to wear and don't steam up like goggles can. They are ideal for use with most power tools and for general purpose or low risk eye protection.
• Safety Goggles - safety goggles are designed to form a seal around the face and offer much more protection against fine particles, dust and liquids, depending on whether they are vented or not. They are also more prone to steaming up and can be uncomfortable to wear for extended periods, though more advanced models feature anti-fog technology and improved ergonomics.
• Safety Shields - safety shields are designed to protect the whole face and are often worn during jobs where there is an increased risk from hazardous debris, such as when working with grinders or chainsaws. They are sometimes worn with goggles underneath for optimum protection.

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