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ARS CT-32E Pruning Saw


in stock

ARS CAM Pruning Saw

2 types from £23.95

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ARS PS KL Wood Grip Pruning Saw

2 types from £30.95

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ARS TL Turbo Cut Pruning Saw

2 types from £41.95

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ARS CT-37PRO Pruning Saw


in stock

ARS EXW-2.7 Telescopic Pruning Pole Saw

2 types from £74.95

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Fiskars SW84 Pruning Saw

Pruning Saws Information

A pruning saw is typically used for removing dead, green or overgrown branches on trees, bushes and other large flora, whether to harvest wood, maintain the shape of a garden or to promote healthy plant growth. Although they come in a variety of sizes, they can generally be considered a more compact pruning tool, and enable the user to easily cut small to medium sized branches in more awkward spaces where it would be impossible or dangerous to use tools like bow saws or chainsaws. As well as the standard handheld pruning saw, pole pruning saws and telescopic pruning saws are available which enable improved access to higher branches, as well as compact folding models which are ideal for portable use and space saving storage. Pruning saws are often used by outdoors enthusiasts as well as gardeners and professional arborists. We stock a variety of pruning saws from respected manufacturers including ARS, Fiskars, Felco, Spear & Jackson, Gardena & Bahco.

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