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Nail Staple Guns

Nail & Staple Guns Information

Nail & Staple Guns can be a confusing subject for first time buyers, simply because there are so many types. This category contains all our cordless, electric and gas powered machines but if you’re looking for a pneumatic nailer or stapler you can find these in the Air Nail & Staple Guns section of our website.

Here's our quick application guide:

• Framing Nailers – Also called First Fix Nailers and usually powered either by an air compressor, gas cartridges or lithium ion battery, these are heavy duty machines primarily used for framing houses, building fences and similar structural construction tasks.
• Finishing Nailers – Also known as Second Fix Nailers, these are commonly used for the non structural applications that come after framing, such as installing skirting boards. They use smaller nails than framing nailers but will still leave visible marks in the material unless filled or painted over.
• Brad Nailers – Similar to Finish Nailers, these use a finer grade of nail (called a brad) which doesn’t hold material as strongly but makes them ideal for fixing delicate trim and thinner woods which might be split by heavier gauge nails. Brads also have very minimal heads which means they are often practically invisible once sunk into the material.
• Nail & Staple Guns – these machines have magazines which can accept both nails (usually light gauge only) and staples, making them versatile tools for a variety of lighter duty fixing and fastening tasks.
• Staple Guns – these dedicated power staplers are commonly cheap and cheerful tools designed to replace the physical workload of operating a manual staple gun, but some are expensive professional machines designed for heavy duty tasks like flooring.

Nail & staple Gun Safety:

Nail guns can be extremely dangerous if used improperly. Never point a nailer at people or attempt to override the integrated safety mechanisms. Wear suitable eye protection at all times.

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