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230mm Angle Grinders
230mm Angle Grinders

An angle grinder is a useful tool for professionals and home DIY enthusiasts. It has multiple uses and there is a wide range of available accessories to enhance the regular use of the tool. Within professional settings grinders are popular tools for construction workers as they ensure speedy cutting of masonry, slabs and tiles, while DIYers will find that these tools can be used for a range of jobs in the home, including polishing the family car and cleaning or polishing rust or grime from metal surfaces. 

Some of the things to look for before making any buying decision about the right-angle grinder for your needs include:

Sourcing the tool with the right power level and sufficient disc size. Tools with larger grinder heads require more power, so if you need a tool with a 230mm head you will probably need to source a machine offering at least 2,100W of power. Larger grinders provide much speedier coverage of surface areas, so if you plan to cut out a lot of mortar, slabs or material sheeting, you should opt for a tool with a head of 230mm. If you need a grinder that offers more precision in cutting and grinding activities, choosing a tool with a head of 115mm offers the versatility required. Trimming tiles and shaping or sharpening blades all require the precision of smaller head sizes. You'll also find smaller grinders are far more lightweight which makes them easier to handle. 

Grinders are available in a range of disc sizes, common sizes include 115mm (4 ½") and 230mm (9"). Any time you need new accessories for your grinder you should always ensure you choose ones that are sized correctly for your tool. 

The no load speed specification for grinders refers to speeds at which discs rotate in idle mode. Higher speed levels indicate that you can achieve better quality cutting actions, so choose a tool with a no load speed between 700 and 1,200rpm for best results. Really good grinders can reach speeds up to 12,000rpm.

The wattage level (W) specification of grinders relates to the amount of available power you will have in use. 

Side handles can be a popular add on for any grinder. These auxiliary handles are generally mounted on the left or right-hand side of the tool, depending on operational requirements. Some tools offer a handle that can be set in three different positions to make them easier to use. 

There are a variety of common uses for an angle grinder. You can use grinders for cutting, sharpening, cleaning, sanding, polishing and lots more jobs. They are ideal for professionals in the auto trade, for metal workers and for builders on construction sites. Within the home environment, a grinder really does prove its worth, giving the abilities to grind and polish or smooth materials to the required finish with ease and speed. 

Some of the most common jobs where grinders can be used include cutting and trimming stone or tiles, cutting metal rods or bolts, and the removal of rust from metal objects. Use of different tools means grinders offer even more ability for tasks, and some of the common accessories include polishing pads, grinding stones, sanding discs and wire brush wheels. 

Cordless grinders make it easy to access any job, in the tightest corners and external locations. 

Makita 230mm angle grinders

Choosing a grinder from a brand like Makita means opting for a recognised manufacturer, with a long history in the production of high quality and durable tooling. The company has been manufacturing tools for more than 90 years and provides users with long-lasting power tools that can be used with confidence on any kind of DIY or professional jobs.

We offer the following grinder from our lists of high quality tools:


This nine-inch grinder has an AC/DC switch and provides a number of useful features and benefits. The 15A motor gives professional quality performance and output, providing up to 6,000rpm for a speedy removal of surface materials. The product is protected by a range of zig-zag varnish seals to ensure there's no intrusion of dust or dirt into the grinder, giving a longer tool lifespan. A large tool rest fabricated from rubber provides the grinder with additional protection and prevents scratches and dents. 

The grinder features labyrinth construction seals for added protection of the motor and bearings. The gear wrench housing rotates and can be positioned in multiple ways to ensure comfort throughout applications of any kind. The useful AC/DC switch makes it easy to use the tool with different power sources, while the comfortable side handle can be fitted on either side of the tool, making it easy for left-or right-handed use. 

This is a superb tool for builders, welders, masons and professionals in the maintenance or repair trades. 

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