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DeWalt DWE4206 Angle Grinder 115mm

2 types £75.95

in stock

Makita GA9020 Angle Grinder 230mm

2 types from £99.95

in stock

Bosch GWS 7-115 Angle Grinder 115mm

2 types £69.95

in stock

Makita GA5021 Angle Grinder 125mm

2 types £113.95

in stock

Bosch GWX 750-115 X Lock Angle Grinder 115mm

2 types from £49.99

in stock

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Grinders Information

The ability to grind metal is a universal capability of all grinding machines, but they can often be used for other applications depending on the accessories they are used with.

Here's our Quick Application Guide:

• Angle Grinders – Versatile machines which can be used for multiple applications but are most commonly used for grinding, wire brushing & cutting metal as well as cutting concrete, stone and other building materials.
• Bench Grinders – Mounted to a stand or workbench, these are typically used for applications such as sharpening tools and grinding or wire brushing metal components.
• Die Grinders – These are precision grinders which use grinding stones mounted in a collet. They are ideal for grinding inside pipes and other space restricted areas.
• Straight Grinders – These are typically fitted with Bench Grinder style wheels and are ideal for coarse and heavy duty grinding applications.

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