As one of the world's leading manufacturers of power tools, Makita has over 100 years of experience in the industry, with Makita UK having been established for almost half of this time. The company strives to create tools that empower people with all levels of experience to handle everyday tasks or professional work with ease. Their products are designed to operate to their full potential and help the user to develop their skills, inspire them to create and build for a better future. With their tools you can complete projects in woodworking, fastening, demolition and construction, both at a domestic and a commercial level.



The Lithium Ion LXT range remains the most popular in Makita’s arsenal of cordless tools. The 18 volt range leads the way, with three main choices on battery power, the 5.0Ah (BL1850), the 4.0Ah (BL1840) and the 3.0Ah (BL1830). The BL1830 takes just 22 minutes to charge, which is great for those of us that forget to charge their batteries!

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Each product is designed in response to the evolving needs of the power tool user. Taking into consideration the differences in architectural styles, construction methods and materials, in order to achieve the ultimate in user-friendliness. The range covers a diverse choice in cordless tools such as; drills, angle grinders, saws, heat guns, impact wrenches, rotary hammers, sanders and planers to name a few. As well as pneumatic tools and even garden tools.

As a manufacturer, they are very conscious of the environment and put huge emphasis on safety and quality assurance.  A global brand, but at the heart; in central Japan, is where the power tools are first visualised. There are various stages to the production process, starting from the initial drawings, to mock-ups of the tool; with both the same size and weight specification, to ensure the grip and feel is right. After the development stage, they have a cohesive quality assurance system that ensures every product boasts a high-quality finish.

Each new design is subjected to dozens of rigorous tests including durability tests to ensure they meet the users’ needs and stand the test of time, adhering to the ISO 9001 quality management standards. With this level of commitment to each and every tool that comes out of any one of their top global plants, they can guarantee the customer a high standard of quality in every product. Consumers will benefit from extra peace of mind and buying confidence when registering their purchase for an extended 3 Year Warranty.

As innovators, they recognise the flaws in existing tools and make improvements where possible. Ensuring the user gets something better every time. With the introduction of AVT technology, they were able to dramatically minimise vibration levels in their core demolition products. Not only did this make the work far more enjoyable but it also offers long-term health advantages to the user.

Their roots started out in the electric motor business and it’s with both the same knowledge and experience from this industry that connects and drives the power tool manufacturing. They are firm believers that behind every good (yet cheap) power tool, is an efficient and powerful motor. Newer tools feature the innovative BL Motor (Brushless Motor), which increases the power, torque, longevity and runtime of the tool, providing even greater productivity. To make this possible, they are committed to sourcing the very best raw materials to build every component. Gears and armature shafts are produced from premium grade steel. Superior current flow is achieved in each tool via high-grade magnetic copper wire. This is able to withstand incredibly high temperatures.

With the explosive success of the electric planer back in 1958, the brand realised a new potential in the power tool market and were able to move into a new direction by developing a wide choice of tools. Nowadays their collection is vast, and their customers don’t just trial the tools or buy them from time-to-time, they invest and maintain a long-term brand loyalty. 

Once you’ve bought into the LXT Li-Ion technology, their rechargeable battery system that offers both longer run time and faster charging, you’ll notice all of these batteries are cross-compatible and can operate any of the LXT tools in your kit. You can also charge each battery from the same multi-charger which in turn will helps to reduce the number of items you need to take on any job. There are savings to be had when buying-in to this brand, because when you invest, you don’t necessarily have to buy a six-piece kit or a twin kit each time, you can opt for a body only and use any existing battery to power it.  

Their collection of garden tools is now growing. It is designed to make light work of all aspects of gardening and landscape work. Working with cordless tools outdoors such as their leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, lawnmowers and chainsaws helps the user to work both freely and effectively, without any restrictive cords. If you use one of their garden tools, you’ll still benefit from the same level of superior engineering and performance as applicable to the rest of their power tool range.

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