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As one of the world's leading manufacturers of power tools, MAKITA has over 100 years of experience in the industry, with the UK branch having been established for 45 years. The company strives to create tools that empower people with all levels of experience to handle tasks with ease and in complete safety. The company operates on high standards; not just in the components used within the tools but in their manufacturing processes.

Constantly striving for innovation, they remain at the forefront of technology for power tools and cordless power tools. Their safety solutions include dust extraction, AVT (Anti Vibration Technology) and Lithium-Ion battery and chargers battery technology. In Japan, their dedicated research and development teams continue to work hard on the design of their products, the ergonomic features and reducing power consumption. Continual work on their LXT battery platforms improves both power and charging time. The BL1850, 5.0Ah battery currently being the most popular choice with the cordless tool range, in particular the cordless twin kits and six packs.

Manufacturing of the products takes place across the world, from the headquarters in Japan through to their Telford manufacturing base in the UK. Telford have been in operation since 1991. Every power tool needs a good motor and this another area where they strive to be the best. Raw materials and components are carefully selected to ensure that the motors are powerful, long-lasting and of the highest quality. The armatures for the gears and shafts are made from premium grade steel. Strong current flow is ensured by utilising high grade magnetic copper wire. Unbelievably, 19 individual tests are carried out on each motor, representing some of the most comprehensive testing in today’s power tool market.

Newer tools feature the innovative BL Motor (Brushless Motor), which increases the power, torque, longevity and runtime of the tool, providing greater productivity. This is able to withstand incredibly high temperatures. The use of Lithium-ion batteries is another exceptional new technology. The LXT Range of Lithium-ion batteries allows for longer running times and fast charging, being compatible with over 100 tools.

The current range of batteries starts with the BL1020B (10.8v – 2.0Ah) and the BL1040B (10.8v – 4Ah). Following this we have the 18 volt LXT range, BL1830 (3.0Ah), BL1840 (4.0Ah), BL1850 (5.0Ah) and the BL1860 (6.0 Ah). The current highest powered batteries are 36 volt, the BL3626 (2.6 Ah) and the BL36120A, with a huge 12.0 Ah of power. All of the batteries feature slide technology and any battery with a ‘B’ at the end of the code means it is Bluetooth enabled allowing you to check its current charge status using a mobile phone app. Weight is also a feature of these batteries, all are designed to be as light as possible to prevent arm fatigue when in constant use.

The effort that has gone into Anti Vibration Technology means that the range of demolition tools are amongst the best in the world. A bold statement but this has not just come about by design. Extensive testing and feedback from site users helps to diagnose any issues and ensures constant improvements are made with each new product increasing performance with these heavy-duty hand-held tools. Basically, the AVT mechanism works by moving air around a series of small chambers, these push a counterbalance in the opposite direction to the piston. This effectively cancels out the vibration that would have been caused by the piston. Combine this with the further protection that is provided by the shock absorbing handles and the result is some of the most easy and comfortable demolition tools on the market today.

Construction dust is now considered to be a major concern to health. The HSE have put in measures to control the risk. This has resulted in the introduction of a raft of new dust extraction systems. Construction dust has been given three classifications; Light Hazard (L), Medium Hazard (M) and High Hazard (H). In keeping with Makita’s ability to stay at the forefront of technology they have introduced a range of ten high quality dust extraction units, four M Class systems and six L class systems. Many of these include an automatic filter cleaning system. It is worth noting that when working with silica, the minimum legal limit for on-tool dust extraction is the M class range.

The extensive range of corded and cordless tools includes drills, angle grinders, saws, heat guns, impact wrenches, rotary hammers, shears, sanders and planers, to name a small selection. The power tools enable consumers to complete projects in woodworking, fastening, demolition and construction, both at a domestic level and a commercial level. Multi-tools are available as well as those handling dust extraction, measuring and production. Job-site radios and power equipment for outdoor use, such as blowers, hedge trimmers, lawnmowers and chainsaws, are also produced.

Each tool is rigorously tested to ensure compliance with the highest quality standards. MAKITA (UK) Ltd ensures its high standards and exceptional performance is maintained and adheres to the ISO 9001 quality management standards. Consumers benefit from peace of mind and buying confidence when registering with MAKITA for the 3 Year Warranty.