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Garden Shredders

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Pruning trees, hedges and bushes in the garden can mean you are often left with large quantites of branches, leaves and other offcuts which can be awkward to transport and dispose of. The garden shredder, also known as a wood shredder or wood chipper, provides a quick way to break this material down into small chips, which can then be easily bagged for disposal or put back to use in the garden as mulch or compost. Breaking the branches down into small chippings ensures they will begin to rot and break down at a much faster rate than if they were left whole. Most shredders designed for the home & garden market are powered by mains electricity but petrol models are also available, and may be a more suitable choice for locations without nearby power sockets. There are two main types of shredder: Impact machines and roller machines.

Here's our quick application guide:

• Impact shredders – an impact shredder has a fairly aggressive and noisy action, which uses one or more cutting blades to process the material. They are less prone to blockages than roller shredders but can otherwise take longer to complete jobs as the material must be continuously fed in by hand.
• Roller Shredders – also known as quiet shredders or silent shredders, these tools are indeed quieter than impact shredders and use a roller mechanism which sucks the material into the machine and crushes it, meaning they can complete larger jobs quicker than impact shredders. However, as mentioned above they are more prone to blockages, especially with younger wood.

Garden shredder safety:

Garden shredders can spray out debris while in use so eye protection should be worn when operating one. It is a good idea to wear gloves when handling branches and similar garden waste.

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