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Garden Multi Tool

Garden Multi Tools Information

Based on the principle that many garden power tools share the same basic design considerations, garden multi tools have detachable blades, heads or shafts, enabling these parts to be swapped over as required. This means the gardener only needs to invest in one motor or engine to power several attachments. As well as potentially reducing the cost of purchasing several individual tools, this takes up a lot less space in storage and can be transported easily, while reducing the environmental impact of the additional manufacturing required to make power plants for each tool. Garden multi tools can be purchased with accessories included, or as bare tools (for users who already own accessories, or wish to acquire them separately).

Garden multi tool safety:

Electric saws and similar cutting tools should always be handled with care to avoid injury. Make sure you are wearing suitable eye protection and if you are pruning trees a hard hat is also recommended. When using corded electric garden tools it is advisable to make use of an RCD to minimize the risk of electrocution.

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