Freud Circular Saw Blades, Router Bits & Accessories

Freud Cutting Circular Saw Blade Cutterhead Routing CNC

Leading the cutting tool industry

Freud is the worldwide leader in the cutting tool industry. At Freud, we leverageover 55 years expertiseandmanufacturing know-howto offer the most extensive variety ofhigh precision quality toolsand dedicated services, to satisfy your most demanding needs.

Our extensive product portfolio includes superior quality circular saw blades, cutterheads & brazed cutters, knives, spare parts and accessories, as well as drilling, routing and CNC tools. Since 1962 we design, project and manufacture awide range of premium cutting tools, carefully engineered and crafted to support you in your daily applications. We simply strive for perfection, from theselection of the finest raw materials, manufactured in-house in our Italian plants, to the development ofinnovative features, produced with high-tech machinery.

We focus on standard and custom solutions to continuouslyboost your productivity and efficiency levelsas well as maximize your investment, delivering tools with outstanding performance, precision and extended lifetime.

Circular Saw Blades

Freud blades are coated with an anti-corrosion protection which keeps them at low temperature during their use. The non-stick action improves chip ejection and significantly reduces the accumulation of resin, which reduces friction and gives the blade a longer life. The laser cut slots in the blade body reduce vibration and minimizes noise.

Freud Circular Saw Blade
Freud Router Bit Accessories

Router Bits & Accessories

The Freud range for milling and profiling is designed to make precise cuts without traces of burns in order to meet the most demanding needs. We offer the ultimate standard and special programs for CNC working center and portable routers to customize windows and doors.

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