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Dewalt XR Powerstack Cordless Tools The DeWalt PowerStack range centres around a revolutionary new concept for power tool batteries. Instead of using standard cylindrical cells, which have been the norm for years, DeWalt Powerstack batteries use flatter and thinner pouch cells which can be stacked inside the housing - making much more efficient use of the space, and resulting in a battery which is smaller and lighter than its predecessors. The overall footprint of a PowerStack battery is smaller than a standard XR battery, and means that tools can now get into tighter spaces - additionally the reduced weight means these batteries can be used comfortably when working overhead.

PowerStack batteries are fully compatible with the entire 18v XR range, but they have also been released in conjunction with several new power tools which have been designed to take full advantage of this smaller battery format - including the incredible DCF850E2T ultra compact impact driver which has a class leading length of just 10 centimetres! Dewalt Powerstack 18V Battery Technology Range

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