My Tool Shed offer several different types of Dewalt drills in our online store, both corded and cordless for many different uses. Before choosing which drill to buy, it’s important to assess the type of work you are going to perform and how much use the tool is going to have. Professionals may have very different requirements to hobbyists and DIYers.

A drill driver is considered to be an essential tool in a homeowner’s tool kit and a necessity for trade covering virtually any construction related task. As the name suggests, it’s role is to drills holes and drives screws. Fortunately, when you buy from Dewalt, as they are a professional-grade brand, it will deliver on performance, durability and balance every time.

DeWalt Drills

If you require something a little fiercer, the next step-up from the drill driver is the combi hammer drill. They offer the best of both worlds, as you can drive in screws much like the drill driver, but you can also use them with a masonry bit to bore into tougher materials and hard surfaces such as concrete or stone, as well as brick work. It’s the clever hammer function, that allows you to effortlessly work with these harder materials.

Our recommendation for a combi drill is the DCD796P1 XR. Ultra compact and lightweight, making it the ideal companion for working in confined spaces. With a 2-speed motor, so you can run the battery life economically as well as 15 adjustable torque positions to give your application a professional finish. Supplied with a high capacity 5.0Ah battery, this 18v drill will keep going for longer.

When it comes to much heavier-duty tasks, SDS+ Hammer Drills are the most suitable machines for the job. ‘SDS’ stands for Slotted Drive System’ – it’s different to the standard drill chuck system, as these slots work with the piston and ball bearings, to allow the bit to be thrust forward with a concentrated hammering action. An SDS is packed full of impressive power, they are intended for drilling into concrete, stone, metal and even steel.

Dewalt drill SDS are a little more complex than some of the other drills. Some SDS+ drills are available as a 2-mode drill; this means they have a rotary action and rotary and hammer action. Others are a 3-mode; the extra option is a hammer mode which offers a chiselling function, ideal for light breaking or removing tiles. For a cost-effective route, you can also buy the SDS+ drill with a changeable chuck, allowing you to use standard drill bits with your SDS. Saving both time and money and reducing the need to carry two different tools with around you. These hammer drills are available in both cordless and cordless versions, you will find a selection of dewalt sds drill 240v, dewalt sds drill 110v and dewalt sds drill 18v here.

For larger applications, the SDS Max Hammer Drill is the best option. Both the drill and the bits are much larger in size to the SDS+. The SDS Max is intended for various tasks such as producing channels in brickwork for trunking, or guiding cables through walls.

Percussion drills explained. Also, known as a hammer drill, the percussion drill is very similar to the SDS+ but it cannot be used for chiselling applications and is essentially a rotary hammer drill. It’s another heavy-duty drill that delivers a rapid succession of blows and works best on masonry or rock. Our D024K Percussion Drill has been tried and tested on various hard materials such as concrete, wood, masonry, fixings and even steel. This is a very powerful mains-powered machine with a 701w motor. Usually these tasks are very repetitive, so dewalt have built this model to be much lighter in weight, to help reduce fatigue on longer drilling applications. There is also a very helpful lock-on button that allows the tool to continually run during operation.

 An angle drill is a slightly more specialist drill designed to give you everything a drill driver can offer, only best served when working in a tight space. Because of this, it has a slightly unusual appearance, with a slim and longer body with right angle transmission. Usually a handy flashlight function is also incorporated, as what’s common with tight spots, if you can't fit your arm in there, chances are there is also low visibility too!

Pro’s who shop dewalt drills are looking for durable workhorses. With this manufacturer you’ll always get the best combination of quality and price.