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DeWalt Hex & Kango Shank Steels
DeWalt Hex & Kango Shank Steels

For any serious professional builder or DIY enthusiast, DeWalt Hex and Kango Shank Steels are the perfect accessory. Known for their outstanding design quality and reliable nature, DeWalt Hex and Kango Shank Steels are the choice on many building sites and workshops around the world. These durable and tough drill bits will make any type of drilling or construction job simple. Easy to fit into any normal drill, machine screwdriver or jackhammer, they will get you working again in no time at all. With quick delivery and great prices, we are the best people to buy your shank steels from. 

Browse our huge selection from this manufacturer today for your next Hex or Kango Shank Steels. We carry a wide selection of different DeWalt size steel shanks to make finding the perfect one simple for you. You will be sure to find the ideal drill bit to use on your next project, whatever that may be. From Hex steels that will easily drill a hole in wood or inside walls to Kango steels that can power through harder outside materials like concrete, the shank steels we stock are excellent. 

The experienced craftsperson appreciates why getting the best shank steels on the market is essential. Buying the best will not only make drilling the hole you need much easier but you will also be able to do it with more accuracy. Using an inferior quality shank steel or the wrong type is a sure way to disaster! The DeWalt Hex and Kango Shank Steels that we stock are perfect for a wide range of jobs that you may come across. Made from the finest quality steel and to the usual DeWalt standards, they do not disappoint.

The Hex shank steels that we have to choose from are great for machine screwdrivers or hand-held power drills. Easy to fit, the handy design means they are held tightly by the machine chuck with no slipping. Obviously, this is very pleasing when you come to drill with it! Able to fit any machine or drill with a Hex bit chuck or cylindrical machine shank, they give a superb flexibility of use to all. With fabulous centring, they also give lots of power thanks to the high torque on offer. From drilling those fitting holes in a cabinet to working on metal, these Hex Shank Steels are the business.

Of course, some jobs require a specialised shank steel and this is where our Kango range comes into play. These are even tougher and more durable than the Hex Shank Steels, to enable them to handle the rigours of their work. Designed to fit simply into the chuck of a jackhammer or similar power tools, they are a perfect choice for the professional builder or construction worker. Made to last, their high-end steel construction will help you power through those masonry drilling jobs or projects which require tarmac or concrete to be drilled into. The way that the hammer action gives extra power as well as the mass of the chuck makes it all so much easier to do.

Of course, many people will use this kind of shank steel for other jobs as well as drilling. Our fabulous range has many types of tip so you can get the one you need. A chisel tip may be the one for you, for example if you will be chiselling through stone or tiles. Whatever you need them for, these DeWalt Hex and Kango Shank Steels will provide the answer.

Everyone knows that buying the best quality shank steels saves time and is more cost-effective in the long-term. When it comes to this piece of kit, the range that we stock from DeWalt is the best you will find around. As well as being easy to use and great value, they also offer a high level of reliability. This means that you never have to worry about them performing well or breaking on you when you need them most. It is no surprise that so many people choose DeWalt shank steels for just this reason!

Join the millions of people who use this manufacturer's products around the world today. When it comes to design, toughness and value, there are few other brands around who can compete. Find out why so many people put their trust in this fabulous brand when you buy one of their shank steels today. Browse our choice of DeWalt Hex and Shank Steels to find the ideal one for your next job or project.