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Karcher RM 760 Pro Carpet Cleaner Tablets

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Karcher Pro The Karcher Professional range is designed for heavy duty users and for working environments. Businesses the world over rely on Karcher Cleaning Tools, and every product in the Professional range is fully guaranteed for commercial use. While the Domestic (yellow) range is intended for homeowners and DIYers, the Professional tools are easily distinguised by their grey finish and they are built to a heavier duty grade with top of the range components, helping to ensure long term reliability and dependable performance for everyday users. Many Karcher Professional tools are available in 110v variants, or with petrol engines, so they can be used in locations where mains electricity isn't an option.

About The Products

Karcher Professional Pressure Washers are used by a wide range of businesses and commercial facilities, in the automotive industry, agriculture, construction and municipal services to name a few. From small, portable units for quick cleaning jobs, up to large Hot Water Pressure Washers for intensive and thorough cleansing, the range has something for every application. Karcher XPert, HD and HDS series pressure washers are available in wheeled versions for mobility as well as options which can be bolted down for fixed position use.

The Karcher Professional Vacuum Cleaner range includes basic, robust and reliable models which are ideal for day to day vacumming of workspaces like offices and shop floors, as well as more advanced designs for more specialist applications. Karcher Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners can be used for cleaning up liquid spillages as well as dry debris, while the L, M and H class models are suitable for different degrees of hazardous dusts. Karcher Professional Dust Extractors are typically fitted with a power take off socket which enables them to be connected to a power tool for automatic start up whenever the trigger is pulled.

You'll also find a small range of Karcher Professional Steam Cleaners and the Puzzi range of professional carpet cleaners in this category.

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