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Bench Pillar Drill Press Metalworking

Bench Drills Information

A Bench Drill is also known as a Drill Press or Pillar Drill (though this term also refers to a larger floorstanding machine which can be found in a separate category on our website). Bench drills are designed to be bolted down to a workbench and they enable components and materials to be drilled with much greater accuracy and precision than can usually be achieved with a handheld drill. As a general rule all entry level bench drills are suitable for working with wood and plastic but if you intend to use the machine for metalworking applications it is worth spending more on something with increased power and more speed settings.

Bench drill safety:

When using any type of drill press you should always ensure you are not wearing any clothing which could become snagged, especially gloves. If your drill does not come with one, a drill press vice can be used to hold material securely whilst drilling into it. As with all drilling machines, eye protection should be worn at all times.

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