Wera tools are unlike other tool manufacturers. Their products turn the familiar into the extraordinary. They've developed superior hand tools to make your life simpler, safer and full of joy. Nick-named the ‘Tool Rebels’ because of their ability to develop rebellious solutions to problems, often thought of as unsolvable. The ‘Rock n Roll’ spirit of Wera tools is what keeps us on our toes and we’re always excited to their newest innovations. As a hand tool manufacturer, Wera understand there are other screwdriver sets available on the market, but they are never content with today’s standards and do not believe that these tools have reached their ultimate stage of development. It’s this same defiant nature that drives the brand with their future innovations.


Shopping at My Tool Shed will give you exclusive access into their unrivalled way of working and an opportunity to feel their supreme quality. A company who think differently, they are always questioning things and searching for new ideas. 

There are three unique design features in their portfolio that improve the user's handling and performance of their tools.


First is the Wera Kraftform Kompakt screwdriver range. It is instantly recognised by the shape of the handle. The design replicates the contours of both the palm and fingers, to ensure the whole hand is in contact with the handle. With soft zones which are easier to grip, it provides optimal contact for the muscles of the hand to deliver a higher amount of torque. Smooth hard zones also encourage movement when repositioning the hand around the handle. You'll see this handle across all of the complete range of Kraftform Kompakt screwdriver sets, individual Wera screwdrivers and vde tools.


After Kraftform came the Zyklop speed ratchet. They acknowledged how it took several different ratchets to get a job done and began to question everything conventional about these hand tools. By doing so, they have designed a new ratchet that helps the user to work even quicker. 


Unlike those traditional torque tools, they wanted to deliver Wera torque. The flywheel design of the Wera Zyklop achieves high working speeds. The rapid twisting process is reinforced from the rotating-symmetric structure of the Wera Kraftform handle and the free-turning sleeve. It's a reversible ratchet with 72 fine-pitched teeth and a low return angle of only 5 degrees. This short stroke allows fast and precise work in all types of installation.  Choosing Zyklop ratchets combines the advantages of 5 types of ratchet in one single tool.


There is a wide collection of Zyklop ratchets and accessories available online, available at our most competitive prices. 


One of the most popular ranges from these tool rebels is the Joker spanner. In building the Joker, they've questioned the flaws of today's tool. Why does the wrench always have to be flipped over? Why does it slip off and injure fingers? Why does it have an offset design?


Continual repositioning of the wrench, permanent resetting, power adjustments to avoid any risks of injury? That was yesterday. Today, the Joker prevents any slipping downwards from the bolt head with its limit stop. That makes things much easier. And allows much more force to be applied during screwdriving jobs.


The new Joker has a clever double-hex geometry which makes for a positive connection with nuts or bolts. Thanks to the hardened metal plate on the Joker's mouth, it bites into the bolt for a stronger holding function, even at higher torque. 


In confined spaces, where conventional wrenches with a 60° return angle have to be continuously turned to tighten and loosen nuts or bolts, the Joker only has a 30° return angle with a double-hex design. This and the Joker’s straight head mean that any turning of the wrench has become a thing of the past.


Complete your Wera collection with soft storage. The Wera 2go organisers and tote bags will securely hold your hand tools and give you an easily transportable solution. 


In addition to their main products, the range is supported by a vast choice of power tool accessories including; screwdriver bits, bit holders, and hex key sets.