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When it comes to choosing glass fibre resins and car body fillers, the body shop professionals more often than not choose U-POL, who are a global leader in the provision of automotive body repair materials and finishes. If the professionals choose U-POL, then it makes perfect sense for any discerning car enthusiast to do the same!

All of their products have been extensively tested in modern vehicle bodyshops and with over 70 years in the body repair business, each product has the backing of a history of innovation, with the latest advances in resin technology at the forefront of their range.

U-POL supply a range of easy to use resin fillers including lightweight, 2 part polyester resin fillers for the filling and repair of holes and imperfection in the bodywork of a vehicle. These fillers have advanced filling properties with superior bonding properties to a range of surfaces including steel, aluminium, glass reinforced plastic (GRP) and even wood, with the additional bonus that sanding is easy, to ensure you can get that perfect repair finish.

U-POL also produce a range of popular and durable sanding and bridging repair pastes under the David’s label, as well as essential materials such as glass matting, glass tissue, tack cloths, as well as applicators, mixing palettes and tins of resin, to ensure that every type, shape and size of hole or imperfection on your vehicle's body, can be dealt with easily and effectively.