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Waterproofing and safety measures have never been more straightforward than with SYLGLAS range of quick-use, heavy-duty products. Whether your glass, plastic sheeting or linings are no longer holding water as they once did, or you have a particularly smooth patio stone or section of decking, the range of tapes and discs available here will quickly, efficiently solve the problem - allowing you to save significant money and time in their repair or replacement.

Originally a company that supplied Denso Tape to British Rail in the late 1950s, SYLGLAS was founded when the rail staff realised that the tape could be used to seal their greenhouse panelling. The company recognised a gap in the blossoming DIY market and the company, as well as its name (a portmanteau of 'seal' and 'glass'), was born.

With a range of different thicknesses, lengths and other varieties, the set of products on offer is one that provides real versatility within its field - and its durability is one that befits the company's decades in the business. Their quick, permanent solutions are each unique to the company and their range, and they are all fantastic, reliable products to be stored anywhere in the home or on the site.