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Here in the United Kingdom, Stanley tools are the industry leader in hand tools. Their products are designed to help you to work better, smarter and faster. They've developed a range of powerful tools for skilled craftsman and home owners. The collection is vast.

It includes the top bestsellers in the hand tools market. Such as Stanley tape measures, safety knives, utility knifes, screwdrivers, automotive tools and more. The Stanley safety knives have been in existence for decades and the popularity of the 'Stanley Knife' has grown to become an every day, household name. Similarly, Stanley tape measures have world-wide recognition and they've continuously reinvented the tape to suit modern applications and more demanding environments.

Tape Measures

This brand has featured in every tradesman’s tool box or tool kits for the past 170 years. Always favoured for their reliability, by both the professional and the DIY enthusiast.

My Tool Shed are proud to supply various products from the well-known Stanley FatMax range too. Those tools labelled with the Stanley FatMax logo have been designed to increase the productivity of both the tool and the user. These Stanley tools are built to be heavy-duty and rock-solid.

Stanley FatMax

Within this collection you'll find accurate levels, heavy hitting anti-vibration hammers, automotive tools and thousands more pro tools. Each made to meet the demands of the tough job site. They use considered materials with a robust outer shell and are expected to tackle heavy-duty work.

With the success of this newest innovation and leaning on the technology from their both their DeWalt and Black and Decker partners, the brand has now even developed a new stanley fatmax power tool collection too. Relatively new to the market, it may be a while for stanley fatmax power tools to make an impact in the power tool market. However, these entry-level tools are continuously expanding the range and you can be certain you'll get the same premium quality as found in their hand tools. What's more they have all the tool storage necessary to house everything soundly.

If you're a builder, carpenter or construction worker, you'll know it's important to get the right workspace facilitation. When you're on-the-go, you'll require equipment that folds flat and is easy to transport. It also needs to be strong and capable of supporting heavy materials. The stanley collection of saw horses, work benches and electric lighting ticks these boxes. An effective workspace facilitation makes for a more productive use of your time, know your equipment and how to set it up, and you can start each day as you mean to go on.

Stanley are a brand that promote tradition. Their roots began in North America in 1843, and now their stanley black and yellow logo is instantly recognised across the globe, reaching as far as the middle east. Over the years, they've advertised their logo to a wider audience at various motorsport events, sponsoring both Nathalie Mcgloin and Hailie Deegan in their racing careers. Nathalie Mcgloin is paralysed from the chest down and her career to date is an inspiration to many. Hailie Deegan is one of the youngest stock car drivers. Both are influential female drivers and this is a very positive association with the brand.

Tool Box

In addition to the individual stanley tools, there are a variety of tool storage options to store and transport your favourite ones. Stanley fatmax have some tough tool boxes and rolling workshops which offer the highest levels of protection for your tool kits. They also have clever organisers for you to fill up with all your fixtures and fixings and to help identify them quickly. Plumbers, carpenters and those with a select number of tools, prefer to wear tool pouches, for the fastest and easiest access. Tool pouches tend to be made from hard-wearing material, for longstanding use.

Not only do Stanley have a vast selection of tools for all eventualities, they can show you how to use them correctly and get the simplest of jobs at home done, to a high quality finish. Have a look at their pro project guides for easy step-by-step instructions on 'how to install and shelf' and many more ideas. Have the know-how to start the next project and learn how to use the stanley black and yellow tools correctly with these helpful pro project guides.

Whether you need a spirit level, or a utility knife, it's time to join the thousands of tradesman here in the united kingdom, middle east or north america! Fill up your tool box today with Stanley pro tools, made by the experts.

Have a question about our Stanley range? Call our team on 01707 277796 and we‘ll be happy to help. Alternatively you can click here to send us a message.