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SOLVITE is not only the leading brand of wallpaper adhesive in the UK, it can also be considered to be the nation's favourite brand, providing simple, strong and easy-to-use solutions for the professional and DIY decorator.

Developed in the 1960s, the brand's popularity quickly soared as professionals found that the advanced formulation of the product made their work both easier and more efficient. DIY users soon came on board too, especially after their iconic TV adverts of a stuntman being stuck to a board using SOLVITE, and then dangled beneath a helicopter, showing the powerful bonding properties of their adhesives and also their remarkable confidence in their own product!

Current products in their expanding range of decorators products include the easy to mix-and-apply, lump-free, all-purpose wallpaper adhesive pastes, which are ideal for most types of paper and rooms and are designed to provide the perfect finish. Other products available include strippers for the removal of those stubborn old wallpaper coverings, as well as products designed for the preparation of surfaces before decoration, in the form of wall sealant. Repairs can also be made to torn wallpaper, lifted edges and overlapping seams by using a very easy to use and extra strong, wallpaper adhesive repair product.

When it comes to your next redecorating project, find the latest range of SOLVITE products in our collection at My Tool Shed.