RUSTINS was founded in 1924 and has developed a fine reputation as a retailer of quality wood finishing products, although they also supply speciality paint and decorating equipment.


They are perhaps best known for their wood oils, and produce a range of staining, sealing and cleaning products to protect, clean and decorate sheds, fences and decking. To maintain indoor wood, Rustins has a number of products that clean and protect laminate floors and wooden furniture, including varnishes, wood oil, sanding sealer and polishes. They also have a selection of floor finishing products available for laminate and plastic floors, including floor-polishers, fillers and plastic coating thinners. The company produces a range of wood preparation products too, from hardeners and fillers to dyes and bleaches, ideal for a variety of DIY projects.

As part of their home care and maintenance range, Rustins supplies many products aimed at the professional craftsman or tradesman. These include speciality paints and paint preparation products, such as primer, specialist surface paints, plus essential decorating accessories including brushes, thinners and brush cleaners. They also produce a wide selection of furniture renovation products, including everything from wax and brass restorer to general cleaning solutions specially designed to be used on surfaces such as stone, driveways, garden furniture and patios. For the latest Rustins products for your home improvement project, browse our range at My Tool Shed.