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Ratchet ClampsThere are a few different types of Ratchet Clamps on the market and the most well known are probably the Quick Grip F type variety. The advantage of a ratchet mechanism over a threaded screw (like you would find in a standard G clamp or screw clamp for example) is that it can be tightened down much more rapidly, usually simply by squeezing a trigger. As well as providing a quick and easy way of delivering clamping pressure, Ratchet Clamps can typically be operated with one hand, meaning it is much easier to ensure that the workpiece stays in position while you're tightening them down. Ratchet Clamps are manufactured to a range of different price points and the plastic models at the cheaper end of the spectrum can have a limited lifespan; however, professional grade Ratchet Clamps will use a much more durable mechanism which is made to withstand repeated use over a long period of time.

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