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DeWalt DCM849 18V XR Brushless Rotary Polisher

2 types from £195.95

in stock

Bosch GPO 14 CE Polisher

2 types £199.95


Makita 9237CB Polisher 180mm

2 types £295.95


Sealey CP1205 12v Cordless Polisher 71mm

2 types from £43.95


Draper CPO108SF Storm Force 10.8V Mini Polisher

2 types from £36.95


Sealey CP108VCP 10.8v Cordless Polisher 75mm

2 types from £34.95


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Polishers Information

Electric Polishers and buffing machines enable painted surfaces and bare metals to be finished or refreshed to a professional standard without the elbow grease required to complete these tasks by hand. An essential piece of equipment for many bodywork repair centres, garages and shipyards, the affordability of today's models means they are also a common sight in the tool kits of automotive enthusiasts and DIYers. Recently, cordless polishers have come on to the market, enabling polishing applications to be undertaken without the need for a plug socket or extension cable.

Here's our quick application guide:

• Handheld Polishers – Usually powered either by mains power or lithium ion battery, these are most commonly used for working on cars, motorbikes, boats, caravans and similar vehicles. They vary considerably in price, power and size, and will typically be one of two types: Rotary or Random Orbital.
• Rotary Machines – a rotary buffer is generally regarded as more of a professional's machine as it requires some skill and experience to use (and can damage a finish if used incorrectly). They excel in applications where a more aggressive action is required.
• Random Orbital Machines - the Random Orbital Polisher is a more intuitive and less aggressive tool. It is commonly used for finishing applications, and will be the first choice for many DIY users. However it can be underpowered when it comes to more heavy duty jobs.
• Bench Buffers & Polishers – designed to be mounted to a workbench or stand, these are ideal for polishing individual components and smaller pieces. They can often be found in the workshops of metalworkers such as jewellery makers and blacksmiths as well as automotive facilities and shipyards.

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