50 years ago, the pneumatic framing nailer manufacturer Paslode, had just started out driving nails. Now they drive the industry in both Cordless Framing and Cordless Second Fix. Their main focus has been to provide professional trades with high quality fasteners and fastening tools. This motivation has led to many industry firsts and innovative solutions achieving better, faster results to make the job easier.


Paslode frame systems work on both gas and liion battery power. Opting for a gas framing nailer or one with a battery and chargeris now down to personal preference. In terms of productivity for both gas and lithium, the gap between the two is bridging quickly.

Paslode im360ci vs. Paslode IM350
The IM360 framing nailer is liion cordless tool, capable of firing 7,500 shots per charge. Its' gas nail equivalent, the IM350, offers 11,000 shots per fuel cell. The magazine capacity is also a bit smaller on the IM360. But the difference is only slight. From 47 to 55 fixings. It's also worth noting that using a battery on your power tools does work out slightly heavier for the user, in this instance, 0.5kg more than the IM350, but choosing liion cordless, is a far more cost effective solution in the long term. 
The trademark Paslode impulse that comes from the gas nailer varies to the charge of the IM360. Cordless framing from liion battery is marginally slower between fires. This mili-second difference shouldn't really affect overall performance and it could be said that the extra time allows for greater accuracy.
Paslode IM65
The IM65 is a brad nailer available in two versions. It's designed for lightweight trim as it uses a thinner gauge of brad nails. Also, referred to as a finishing nailer, this paslode nail gun is available with angle brads or you can order the paslode im65 straight, it much depends on your second fix nail task.
They have invested a lot of research into the end user to create durable products that offer more balance and withstand even tougher jobsite conditions. The need for this heavy-duty power has always been a must, however finding a lighter-weight solution, for less fatigue and more control has been their biggest challenge and accomplishment.
With a bold orange appearance, to match their stand-out performance, it’s hard not to miss this market-leader on the job site. Catering for the demanding professional, My Tool Shed stock a hand-picked selection of the Paslode nailers, built to keep up with you.
In addition, depending on which model you of Paslode you have, we have an excellent range of compatible paslode accessories to support. Get the most from your nail gun by choosing brad nails, concrete fixings, angle brads and more.
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