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Paddle Mixers | Mixing Drills

Paddle Mixers Information

Paddle mixers are designed for use with paint, plaster or mortar and some mixers can only be operated manually but the majority are designed to be used with a drill, whether a purpose built mixing drill or the standard type. Most dedicated mixing drills require a paddle mixer with an M14 threaded shaft for connection to the machine, while standard chucked drills can be used with anything as long as it is within the chuck's capacity. Note that most cordless drills on the market will struggle with mixing applications and a fairly powerful corded mixing drill is typically recommended, although recent innovations like the DeWalt Flexvolt 54v cordless mixing drill have shown that there are exceptions to this rule.

Paddle Mixers or Mixing Drills are also sometimes referred to as Mixer Drills or Stirrers.

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