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MITUTOYO is a world leader in the manufacture of precision measurement technology. The company offers a wide range of measuring equipment, renowned for their absolute precision, high performance, innovation, and efficiency.

From calipers, dial gauges and micrometers to 3D coordinate measuring machines, sensor, optical, digital and vision measuring systems, Mitutoyo brand can be relied upon to offer a product which meets all needs, and to the highest standard as evidenced by the award of UKAS certified calibration.

Sold in over 100 countries around the world, with easy access to replacement and spare parts, Mitutoyo has established a global reputation, trusted and respected for the exceptional quality of its precision measuring equipment.

At My Tool Shed, you will find a selection of Mitutoyo’s Vernier and Digimatic Calipers, Dial Indicators, Bevel Protractors and Outside Micrometers. These specialist measurement devices are essential tools for any mechanical task or trade where precision and accuracy is required.

Browsing our choice of Mitutoyo precision measurement tools, you are sure to find a reliable, and exceptionally accurate, industry-leading solution for consistent professional measuring tasks or DIY projects.

At My Tool Shed, we also offer our customers Mitutoyo metrology tools at extremely competitive prices, and most products are available for next-day delivery.