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Metal Cutting Saws
Metal Cutting Saws

<b>Why use metal cutting saws?</b>

Whether for use on construction sites, in the development or creation of products or just for full home or hobby use, tools which can effectively cut metal are vital for any business. Especially for those that regularly use these materials in their day-to-day roles, not only reducing the cost of outsourcing but also providing a reduced amount of time to wait for correctly cut metal parts and sheets.

Often compact and easy to maneuver or travel with, a saw for metal cutting has all the characteristics of a classic cutting saw with the added capability of a blade which is able to cut through a variety of different metals. No matter what your cutting needs, you can't go wrong with a versatile saw for metal cutting.

For the modern business, bringing essential processes in-house can save on costs, offer further training to your staff and add versatility to your workplace. Metal saws are just one of the tools you can use in-house to aid in production and add additional types of work to your existing roster of skills or availability.

For many industries, the use of metal materials is an essential part of production, repair or development, and, as such, having the most effective tools to hand is a must to ensure that your day isn't disrupted every time metal cutting is required, instead allowing the cutting of metal to be a simple part of your workflow.

Offered in a variation of different styles, sizes and shapes for your specific needs, if you're considering metal cutting for your business needs or you're looking to upgrade existing equipment to something more useful, time-saving and modern, this range of saws has something that will meet your requirements, and go above and beyond your expectations.

<b>Why Makita metal cutting saws?</b>

The reputation for this famous brand precedes it when it comes to the creation of powerful, robust and hard wearing tools that get the job done quickly and with greater efficiency. As one of the top brands in the business, when you choose to purchase your next batch of tools from this organisation, you know you're picking a brand with your business' needs at their heart.

Whether your requirements are models with high safety, those that are fast to learn and easy to teach, or a design that's as innovative as it is hard wearing, this brand has it all. For the cutting of metal, you want only the best - to ensure that: you have the best cut; you can complete your work in the fastest time and that you can offer optimal service to your customers.

The DCS550Z 18V Cordless Metal Saw is the best of both worlds; a compact yet effective device wrapped in all the productivity-enhancing design choices you need to do more in less time. A double safety trigger and high comfort grips ensure that even for long stints of use, your staff are kept safe and secure at all times. The 22 minute charging time with the air-cooled Makstar Optimum Charging System makes sure this tool is never out of action for long. For those more conscious of accuracy, the 3600 rpm speed combined with a LED job light with an easy-to-trace cutting line provides the tools you need for a clean cut every time.

Whatever your requirements for a cutting saw, whether it's for occasional use, hobby purposes or continuous day-to-day production, there's a saw in the range to match your needs and offer you or your staff the ideal tool to make the cutting of metals effortless, with just a little training.

<b>Who are Makita?</b>

Makita is one of the highest-regarded brands when it comes to the creation of saws of all shapes and sizes, from table to handheld, as well as for the production of tools that cover a wide variety of different industries and business types. Based in Japan, devices, machines and tools are the language of this company. They provide high-quality items to many different markets at great prices.

Whether you work with metal, need a specific tool for use with intricate works, or you're looking to expand a hobby or business, this brand has tools that meet your needs the first time, and that last as long as your business does with hard wearing and practical design choices.

Every product from this world-famous brand is highly tested for everything from effectiveness to practicality, through to the safety features and mechanisms included to improve your work and make the tools suitable for anyone new to your business, as well as impressing veteran users or industry experts.