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Fiskars L11 Bypass Loppers


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ARS LPB-30 Professional Bypass Loppers

2 types from £55.95

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ARS LP-40 Bypass Loppers


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ARS LPB-20 Professional Bypass Loppers

3 types from £52.95

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Bahco P128 Bypass Loppers



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Loppers Information

Loppers are essentially large secateurs which have long, straight handles. These handles enable the user to generate much higher cutting forces, while providing the extra length needed to reach branches above head height. They are suitable for heavier duty pruning tasks than secateurs and are commonly used for removing tree branches. Like secateurs they are designed to operate with either an anvil or bypass action.

Here's our Quick Application Guide:

• Anvil Loppers – Anvil loppers only have one sharpened cutting blade, which is designed to crush material against a corresponding flat surface called an anvil. This makes them ideal for tackling dry or dead branches which are more easily broken apart by crushing the plant fibres than attempting to cut through them. Anvil loppers are generally less precise than bypass loppers and more brutal in application, meaning they can damage the stems of more sensitive plants.
• Bypass Loppers – the action on a pair of bypass loppers is the same as on a pair of scissors. Two cutting blades bypass each other when the handles are squeezed together, giving a cleaner cut which is generally preferred for younger plant growth.

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