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LASERLINER manufacture a range of high-quality measuring, detection and levelling tools for use in construction and industrial manufacturing. Owned by the German firm Umarex GmbH, LASERLINER tools are renowned for their durability, coming with a no quibble 2-year warranty as standard.

We supply LASERLINER tools in the following product categories:

Moisture Meters.
These are useful for measuring the percentage of water that resides in building materials such as wood and for finding damp in buildings. Laserliner moisture measuring tools are easy to use and provide accurate moisture measurement for wood, concrete, stone and gypsum board.

Video Inspection Tools.
Ideal for inspecting pipework, drains and other hard to reach places. The LASERLINER range of video inspection tools includes flexible handheld cameras of differing lengths suitable for domestic and commercial applications.

Electrical Testers.
If you need to test entire electrical systems both inside and outside the property, an electrical tester is vital. LASERLINER electrical testers provide fast, accurate readings for most of the commonly used voltages, and come with automatic range and function selection.

Wall Scanners.
Perfect tool to quickly and easily find water pipes and electric cables hidden within wall structures. Easy to use and with automatic calibration, LASERLINER wall scanners can be used on any number of wall surfaces and finishes.