Impact Wrenches

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Impact Wrenches

Impact Wrenches Information

An impact wrench is similar to an impact driver; it uses a rotational impact mechanism which means large amounts of torque can be easily generated from a relatively small handheld tool. Whereas impact drivers have hexagon tool holders for screwdriver bits, the impact wrench has a male square drive fitting which enables it to be used with sockets. Commonly used in the automotive, steel erection and scaffolding industries, these high torque power tools provide a fast and easy way of tightening and loosening fasteners wherever a standard handheld ratchet would prove tiring or ineffective. This category contains all of our electric and battery powered impact wrenches. However we also stock a large selection of Air Impact Wrenches which can be found in the Air Tools section of the website.

Here's our Quick Application Guide:

• Cordless Impact Wrenches - these days all new cordless impact wrenches on the market will typically be powered by lithium ion batteries. 18v models are the most common but they can also be found in the compact 10.8v class and at higher voltages for more heavy duty applications.
• Corded Impact Wrenches- though there are not as many on the market as the battery powered or pneumatic types, there are a few corded electric impact wrenches available. They are available in 240v for standard mains sockets or 110v for use with step down transformers on building sites. The increased power available to corded tools means they can be used with larger drive sizes than is typically possible with current cordless alternatives.

Impact Wrench Safety:

Due to the extra stress placed on accessories, impact wrenches should only be used with impact rated sockets to reduce instances of breakage (these have a black finish and can be easily distinguished from standard sockets). If using an impact wrench for torque critical applications (like scaffolding) ensure the machine is capable of fastening to the correct value and note that manufacturers quoted specifications can differ from real world scenarios.

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