Scandinavian mega-tool brand Hultafors have a reputation for not only producing genuine top-quality hand tools, but also for creating ones that are considered ground breaking! Since they invented the folding rule over 130 years ago, the company has grown from one specialising solely in manufacturing measuring tools to one that can be considered as a modern day giant in tool making.


Their ethos is simple, but highly effective. They develop their products by studying the hard work of professionals in their workplaces and then let them product test the latest designs, until finally, Hultafors can be completely confident that the tools are ready to meet the needs of the modern day professional craftsmen. This means that they, and also home users, can rely on them for optimum performance, in terms of precision, handling and durability.

As well as the folding rule, Hultafors are also famous for producing premium quality tape measures, spirit levels and chalk lines, as well as knives, hammers and wrecking bars, chisels, axes and hatchets. In fact, whether it's measuring, marking, levelling or striking, as well as cutting, prying or wrecking, by using the latest manufacturing technologies, Hultafors  are able to provide the perfect solution for any discerning user of hand tools.