Grinding Discs

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Makita A36N Aluminium Grinding Disc

4 types from £2.49

in stock

Bosch WA46 BF Semi Flex Metal Grinding Disc

2 types from £2.95

in stock

Makita A24 Metal Depressed Grinding Disc

3 types from £1.49

in stock

Makita A27 Pro Metal Depressed Grinding Disc

4 types from £1.49

in stock

Stanley Depressed Centre Metal Grinding Disc

4 types from £3.49


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Grinding Discs

Grinding Discs Information

Grinding discs are abrasive accessories for angle grinders which are used for grinding metal, eg when removing welding seams. They are available for all the common sizes of angle grinder, though 115mm grinding discs are the most numerous. The standard grinding disc looks much like an abrasive cutting disc but with a thicker construction.

Grinding Disc Safety:

Most grinding discs have use by dates and should be discarded after this date. Likewise any discs that are damaged should be thrown away (it is good practise to break them in half to prevent anyone else using them). Abrasive accessories are dangerous if they are run too fast so pay attention to the maximum RPM rating on the disc and ensure your machine does not exceed this.

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