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Arrow Dual Temp Glue Gun


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Rapid DIY Glue Gun


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Bosch PKP 18E Glue Gun


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Dremel 940 Glue Gun


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Bosch GLUEY Hot Glue Pen

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Bostik DIY Glue Gun



Bostik Handy Glue Gun



Arrow Miniplus Glue Gun



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Glue Guns Gluing

Glue Guns Information

Suitable for gluing a wide variety of common materials, including wood, metal, plastic, textiles, rubber, leather, stone, paper and cardboard, glue guns use a heating element to melt glue sticks (most commonly either 7mm or 11mm in diameter) and are usually powered by mains electricity or a lithium ion battery. On some mains powered glue guns, the gun can be detached from its power lead once ready to use, enabling the operator to use it cordlessly for a limited amount of time. Altenatively battery powered glue guns offer cordless freedom with the only limitation being the amount of charge held in their batteries. The main advantages of hot melt glue sticks compared with conventional adhesives are that they cure rapidly once applied (usually within seconds) and have a virtually limitless shelf life whilst in storage.

Here's our quick application guide:

• Corded Electric Glue Guns - affordable and easy to use, these glue guns simply plug into the mains and are ideal for working at a desk or workbench
• Cord Free Electric Glue Guns- usually a slightly more expensive option, the advantage of these models is that the gun can be detached from the cord once it is ready to use, enabling the user to glue in remote areas (until the heating element cools down).
• Cordless (Battery Powerered) Glue Guns - these offer the greatest convenience for gluing in areas where mains power is not feasible or desirable. If the glue gun uses detachable power tool batteries it can be kept running indefinitely (assuming you have enough batteries).

Jobs that can be Undertaken with a Glue Gun:

  • Woodworking
  • Electronics Assembly
  • Manufacturing
  • Repairs
  • Model Making
  • Sealing
  • Waterproofing
  • Gluing Wood
  • Gluing Metal
  • Gluing Plastic
  • Gluing Textiles
  • Gluing Rubber
  • Gluing Leather
  • Gluing Stone
  • Gluing Paper
  • Gluing Cardboard

Glue Gun Safety:

If you are using a corded electric glue gun, always remember to turn it off when you have finished. The nozzles on glue guns can get very hot during use and hot melt glue is often hot enough to burn skin on contact so take due care when handling and using the tool.

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