FLOPRO are a brand who have brought a refreshing change to the garden and lawn watering product market, with their attractive, well thought out and contemporary designs. They utilise the latest technologies and are manufactured to be long-lasting and anti-leak.



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Almost every aspect of garden watering care is covered by the FLOPRO range, including your lawn, borders, hanging baskets and pots, trees, shrubs and hedges. The snap-fit connecting system makes it easy to change watering tools on your hose when required.

The tough, but lightweight range of garden hoses includes those that are designed to be resistant to crushing and to those annoying kinks and twists that can make using your hose a real chore. They are also designed to stand up to those extremes of temperature that the British garden can see during a year, as well as providing excellent UV and algae resistance. All hoses benefit from using connectors for standard garden hoses.

Hoses are difficult to store tidily, which is why the FLOPRO range of durable and innovatively designed hose wheels, hose carts and wall mounted, retractable wheels and cube wheels, all make the storage and use of your hose a real pleasure.

A range of sprayers is available with different nozzle and gun attachments easily connectable to your FLOPRO hose, producing the ability to direct your garden watering with accuracy. When longer periods of watering are necessary for your lawn or vegetable patch, the sprinkler range will also provide the perfect irrigation solution.