My Tool Shed offers an increasing range of Fein power tools and accessories that offer clean work results and greater precision. You can expect outstanding quality and high performance whether you are a craftsman or require the best for industrial operations. Fein has more than 150 years of experience developing innovative, efficient tools for practical applications. In 1895 they invented the world's first power tool, part of a long history of creating robust, high-quality products. Best known for versatile multi-tools, they also offer a multitude of other products and accessories.


Whatever the project, you can choose from a variety of excellent accessories perfectly adapted to different applications. Their versatile, easy to handle multi and power tools are excellent products for professionals and DIYers alike. Expect great results through powerful performance and durable accessories that speed up and simplify your daily work. Plus, the superior craftsmanship means you can rely on Fein 's outstanding quality and precision.

Their tools are stable and offer comfortable, intuitive operation thanks to a lightweight, ergonomic design and solid build. Attention to detail and a focus on the best performance means their accessories are easy to change, so you don't need to waste time in the middle of a project.