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Based in Hucknall since 1946, DOFF is the United Kingdom's biggest supplier of pesticides and garden aid products for a good reason. From casual weekend gardeners to the most experienced of landscapers, their products have proven to be an asset in times of strife and disorder. Ethical and moving with the ever changing laws that surround their business, they heavily promote recycling and waste reduction, making them part of the very world they support.

For producers of fruit and vegetables and growers of prized flowers, DOFF's range of pesticides and insecticides are a blessing. Capable of ridding a garden of slugs, ants and spiders, they even have solutions for safely warding away curious cats and dogs. A name that can be trusted, keeping a bottle handy in the shed will save time when spring rolls by.

It's not all about preventing things from happening though; many of DOFF's products promote growth and encourage more sightly animals to visit the bushes and flowers. From bee-friendly seeds to beautiful wildflowers, there's a packet to make a household garden a true paradise.

A British institution and byword for outdoor beauty, the company make the unpredictable state of nature that bit easier to properly manage.