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DMT is the world's leading producer of diamond sharpening products and diamond knife sharpeners. Established in 1976, DMT (Diamond Machining Technology) has been at the forefront of the industry, creating a full range of innovative diamond sharpening products for use in the home or workplace.

The award-winning products are patented and versatile in their design. Boasting the highest quality, the easy-to-use products allow consumers to sharpen objects in an incredibly short time compared with other methods. DMT's product range includes bench stones, folding sharpeners, pocket models, edgers for use with skis and snowboards, guided sharpening accessories, sharpening steels, abrasives, lapping plates and other accessories. They can be used in numerous applications including gardening, culinary work, woodworking, camping, outdoor sports and industrial applications.

These dependable diamond sharpening products handle sharpening, deburring and honing projects. To ensure long-lasting performance, the optimum amount of diamonds per square inch is included on each sharpening surface and the grit size is consistent to ensure effective sharpener performance. This is achieved via a proprietary process that results in a micronized monocrystalline diamond. The sharpening surface has enhanced, long-lasting effectiveness due to the even coverage. With the flattest surfaces on the market, DMT sharpeners are well-honed for even and consistent contact.