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  1. DeWalt DCE580N 18v XR Caulking Gun + Cartridge - Bare Unit

    Cartridge Capacity : 600ml

    FOC Cartridge Included!

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DeWalt Grease & Caulking Guns
DeWalt Grease & Caulking Guns

You won't be disappointed when you opt for DeWalt grease and caulking guns for your home DIY or commercial engineering or tradesman jobs. The entire DeWalt product range offers the durability and versatility needed for working indoors or outdoors and is fabricated to the highest possible standards to meet your exacting specifications. You can opt for cordless grease and caulking guns, or battery operated mastic guns if you need to work in different locations. Cordless tools provide the versatility required to work in any place. Alternatively, choose grease and caulking guns that run off mains power.

There are a variety of different grease and caulking guns on the market, these include hand-powered guns which can be operated by use of the trigger, hand-powered without a trigger and air-powered. Opting for tools offering variable speed controls makes great sense, so you can apply grease or caulk exactly in any required situation. You do really need to work out which will be the best tool to suit your needs and the following short summaries may help with your buying decision:

Uses for grease guns

The correct lubrication of machinery and equipment is essential in the manufacturing and engineering industries and that's where high-quality grease guns prove their worth. Expensive machinery needs greasing at just the right levels, and too much grease can cause operational problems. Grease guns are also indispensable tools for mechanics and vehicle operators, and provide superior lubricant saturation into desired areas. Grease guns provide an exact and efficient application of fluids, allowing for precise lubrication of desired areas with high levels of efficiency. 

Some additional uses for grease guns include:

- lubricating spindles and deck pedals on lawnmowers. It can be difficult to manually grease these fittings, but using a grease gun helps you apply lubricant to the required parts easily and quickly

- vehicles and commercial trucks have a number of grease fittings which need lubricating on a regular basis. If you want to keep your vehicle in tip top condition, use of a grease gun on these parts is essential

- chain saws regularly need the bar nose bearings greased, in fact you should aim to get out your grease gun each and every time the chain saw needs more fuel as this will ensure your saw is maintained in the best fashion

- industrial and factory machines will have a wide range of grease fittings, which are difficult to reach if you plan to grease by hand. Using a grease gun helps you reach the most difficult angles and ensures you apply the required amount of grease, many machines fail when they are over-greased so it's important to use a grease gun in this situation

Uses for caulking guns

Caulking guns are the tools needed to hold silicone or latex caulking materials for professional or home DIY use, and, ideally, you want to find the best cordless caulking gun on the market. Depressing the trigger causes the sealant or caulk to be dispensed and caulking guns are essential for these types of jobs as the sealant is generally supplied in tubes and cannot be dispensed direct from the tube. The DeWalt caulking gun is a cordless tool which can be used anywhere around the home or business.

Caulk can be a silicone or latex fabrication and it's useful for sealing gaps or cracks in premises and homes, as it will bond a number of materials including metal, ceramic, glass or wood. You should opt for a caulking gun that offers variable speed features, so that you can precisely control the caulk as it is expelled from the gun. If your caulking gun features an LED it will be much easier to apply the caulk, as it's clearly visible in any situation. 

If you use a caulking gun for business purposes you will want to source the most comfortable tool on the market, so it's easy to handle and grip on a consistent basis. You will probably also want to consider a tool that provides interchangeable cartridge holders, so you can work on a variety of different jobs and use different types of caulk or sealant. You'll find the DeWalt 18V caulking gun is one of the best caulking guns on the market and it's sure to meet your professional needs to the full.

Take time to browse our entire range of high-quality DeWalt grease and caulking guns to find the tool that meets your requirements in full. You won't be disappointed when you opt for a top quality DeWalt grease or caulking gun.