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Makita HM1812 AVT Demolition Breaker

2 types £1,359.95

in stock

Makita HK1820 SDS Plus Power Scraper

2 types £476.95


Makita HM1317C AVT Demolition Hammer Drill

2 types £1,338.95


Makita HM1511 AVT Demolition Hammer Breaker

2 types £1,586.95


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Demolition Tools heavy duty

Demolition Tools Information

Most demolition tasks can quickly become exhausting when undertaken by hand. The right power tool can be a huge asset for completing jobs faster and reducing the physical workload required for applications like breaking up paving or removing old bathroom tiles. We stock three main types of handheld demolition power tool: breakers, demolition hammers and power scrapers.

Here's our Quick Application Guide:

• Breakers - designed specifically for breaking up paving and ground level surfaces, these heavy duty demolition power tools enable the operator to quickly pulverise concrete, stone and paving materials.
• Demolition hammers - demolition hammers tend to be more versatile but less powerful than breakers. They are essentially very large hammer drills which have been developed purely for hammering rather than drilling. Many are used with SDS-Max chisels.
• Power Scrapers - usually designed to be used with SDS-Plus chisels, these are lighter duty demolition tools which are ideal for applications like removing bathroom & kitchen tiles, mortar, weld spatter or render.

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