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Corner Clamp

Corner Clamps or Angle Clamps are often needed when joining two workpieces at a right angle to each other, whether using a mitre joint or a straightforward butt joint. A standard Corner Clamp holds the two pieces firmly in position so they won't shift out of alignment during this process and is ideal when gluing, drilling and driving screws. You can also get heavy duty Welder's Corner Clamps which should have an all-metal construction with copper plated threads to help prevent damage from heat and welding spatter.

Here's our quick application guide:

Band Clamps - The standard Band Clamp is essentially four corner clamps in one, making it ideal for gluing up smaller rectangular frames such as boxes or picture frames. The adjstustable band can be loosened up or tightened according to the size of the frame.
Welder's Corner Clamps - even if it is made completely from metal, a standard corner clamp may not be ideal for welding as spatter can stick to the threads and damage them. Therefore, copper is commonly used to help prevent this and ensure long term reliability in welding environments.

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