Carts, Trolleys & Wheelbarrows

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Q Garden Poly Dump Cart


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Draper Tipping Garden Trolley



Sealey Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow



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Garden Cart Trolley Wheelbarrow

Carts, Trolleys & Wheelbarrows

Carts, Trolleys & Wheelbarrows enable gardeners and landscapers to transport gardening materials, tools or waste in outdoor environments. They can also be used in other applications, for example transporting goods and waste materials around larger workplaces, yards or construction sites.

Here's our Quick Application Guide:

• Garden Carts - Garden carts are designed for hands free transport; whether towed behind a vehicle, or operated under their own power.
• Garden Trolleys - Garden Trolleys are more pushed or pulled along by hand and have large handles to facilitate this process. However, some garden trolleys can also be towed behind a vehicle if desired.
• Wheelbarrows - Wheelbarrows are simple and affordable transporters which are ideal for smaller loads, e.g transporting bags of compost or pruning debris around small to medium sized gardens.

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