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Steinel Multicoloured Glitter Glue Sticks

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Steinel Heat Guns

Steinel Steinel heat guns and glue guns have occupied a premium position in the market since the German company was founded over half a century ago. Steinel operate research laborotories in Germany and Switzerland, employing over 70 physicists, engineers, and electronics experts who are responsible for product design and development, while each tool is manufactured in Europe at one of five ISO 9001:2000 certified facilities to ensure stringent quality control and rapid distribution to 86 countries worldwide.

About The Products

Tooled Up stock Steinel heat guns and glue guns in both professional ranges - which are engineered for heavy use and demanding applications - and DIY models, which offer a cost effective alternative for hobbyist or domestic use. Additionally, we stock a comprehensive range of Steinel heat gun accessories, including a professional 12 piece nozzle and scraper set which is ideal for multiple applications including paint stripping, plastic welding and heat shrinking.

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