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Gardena CleverRoll S Hose Trolley Set

3 types from £50.95

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Gardena COMBISYSTEM FSC Wooden Handle

2 types from £13.95

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Gardena Tools

Gardena Gardena Tools stem from Gardena's appreciation of the garden as a living space close to nature. Their products are geared toward maintaining the garden as a natural environment in which people can relax & have fun. Gardena Toolsare designed to help keep lawns & vegetation lush, green & hydrated, making sure your garden is somewhere you will enjoy spending your time.

Gardena's commitment to sustaining an attractive & liveable home environment extends to the wider natural environment too. They are a socially responsible company committed to conserving materials through recycling, & reducing their carbon footprint through energy efficient workplaces & production processes.

About The Products

Gardena manufacture an extensive selection of garden equipment for a range of applications. Gardena Combisystem Tools comprise a range of tool heads which are interchangeable with compatible telescopic or fixed wooden handles - an economical and space saving system which can be used for multiple applications, including sweeping, raking, grubbing, patio weeding, pruning, gutter cleaning and more.

The Gardena Microdrip range is intended for garden irrigation and includes starter sets suitable for small balcony set ups or large vegetable patches.

Gardena Hose Reels and Gardena Hose Carts are a popular way to keep your garden hose neatly coiled up whether you are after a wall mount or wheeled mobile solution.

There is also a huge range of Gardena Hand Tools, many of which are manufactured in Germany and supplied with unbeatable warranties to guarantee long term use.

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